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Seattle's Premier Chihuahuas


Hi my name is Kari. My fiance' and I make up Seattle's Premier Chihuahua's. We are hobby breeders of AKC and CKC Chihuahua's in Seattle, WA. We got ADDICTED to the breed back when we met 4 years ago, and have grown in numbers since then. Our Chi's are our pets, and just have a couple litters a year on the side. They go to the vet more often then I go to the dentist, so they are well taken care of. We only have one breed in our home and that is the Chihuahua so that they are the main focus of our studies and attention. They will be raised with our future Human children, and will forever be the heart of our home. Check back here often and I will update the blog every week or so to make sure that you will be up to date in any changes that happen here at Seattle's Premier Chihuahuas. Thanks for visiting!


What's New?

12/12/2007 New member of the clan: Victoria, see her on the mommies page!

01/04/2008 CiCi's puppies are here!!!

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